My Submission for the Gamedev.TV Game Jam 2022 themed "Death is only the beginning". This was a crazy huge task to do in 10 days considering I knew of the jam about 20 minutes before it started. Nothing was copy/pasted from other projects. All artwork and code is all fresh and new within the past 10 days.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I have had to make it.

Controls ( Gamepad sometimes doesn't trigger attack colliders...:( )

Move: WASD or Left Stick

Dash: Spacebar or Left Bumper

Attack: L, Left Mouse Button, or "west" button

Action: e or "south" button

Pause: p or "Pause" button


Game Created (Art and Game Design)  by Joshua Robertson

Voice of Barbara: Christie Kivisto

Gameplay Testers: WarlikeFury, Morgan, MarcusFromOz, Ftn, MetalStorm,All the other lovelies on MetalStorm's Discord, and Raistael (who clocked over 2 hours)


Future Clider by Brian Bolger (Youtube Free Music)

Tragedy by Alex-Productions (Free Download Audio Library Youtube)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, Pixel Art, Slime, Unity

Development log


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Well done. I finished the game. This can be a hit when done completely.

Thanks Gert! It was for a contest that was due yesterday. And judging from the feedback, it seems like I'll be making this into a more full game.  Thanks for the kind words and I hope you had fun playing. Thanks for making the time to comment.


You nailed it with this game! This feels like far longer than 10 days of work!

As usual, the visuals & animations are of excellent quality! 

I enjoy Quest Boards and you presented it very well. I think you found the right balance between drop rate and quest requirements ratio.

The Boss fight was a big win! It looks great, and was nicely executed!

I could see a difficulty setting too if you wanted to play around with the tons of combat abilities I'm sure you considered. 

Christie Kivisto as Barbara was a nice touch too!

Overall a fantastic feel!

Amazing job!


Thanks man! I really appreciate it. I think for some people the RNG wasn't in their favour. I had great feedback (and time to impliment) for the job board. It went through a lot of change over the last few days.

The boss fight was crazy fun to plan and program. And I was glad that the coding fell into place fairly well. It went smoother than the dialog system.

Christie did awesome on the voicing. I have been making sure to pass on the praise to her on what people have been saying here.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!


A fun experience! My advice is always attack from the right! The sounds could be normalized.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, if I had time, that was on my to do list as well. Thanks for playing.

Totally! "Juicy!

looking forward to your finished jam entry! animations looking slick as always 

Thanks :D

Controls are good, the animations are excellent! I particularly like the dash animation. If you hit space bar while standing still, the stamina is used but you dont move. I hope you add controller support for the non keyboard crowd like me ;)

Lots to like in just a short time buddy! I will be happy to continue checking it out as you progress!

I really like the sketches that serve as your current background too.

Thanks for the valuable feedback! I totally forgot about that issue.

nicely done :-)

Thanks for the comment. It's still a wip for a game jam. Something I can get to testers.

I'm working on the same game jam :-) I saw your link in discord. This is my entry for the game jam It has only one level also a wip.